How to Make Lumpiang Sariwa or Hearth of Palm Spring Roll

Lumpiang Sariwa or Hearth of Palm Spring Roll Recipe Philippine Cuisine
Ingredients: serve 4 to 6
4 cups water
2 tbsp fresh milk
500g coconut pith (ubod)
10 cloves garlic
1 80g onion
100g shrimp
1 head fresh native lettuce
2 tbsp oil
100g ground pork
Salt and pepper to taste
125g dry roasted peanuts


Combine water and milk in a bowl

Slice the coconut pith into julienne strips place in the bowl with the water and milk to prevent discoloration.

Crush, peel and mince the garlic divide into two portions.

Slice the onion thinly.

Peel and devein the shrimps. Discard the heads and shell trimmings.

Separate the lettuce leaves, wash and pat dry. You will need at least 1 lettuce leaf per lumpia roll.

In a preheated saucepan, sauté half the minced garlic, onion, pork, and shrimps in oil. Cook for 10 minutes.

Drain thoroughly the coconut pith from the water milk mixture and add to the saucepan. Cook over moderate heat for about 10 minutes.

Season to taste.

Strain the cooked mixture to drain excess liquid. Set aside to cool.

Grind dry roasted peanut coarsely.

Prepare and cook the wrapper.

Prepare the lumpia sauce.

Lay a wrapper on a plate and put lettuce o one side of the wrapper allowing a fourth of the lettuce leaf to protrude.

Place two heaping tablespoons of filling in the center of the lettuce leaf along its rib. Fold the bottom end of the wrapper upwards.

Fold wrapper over on both sides of the filing then roll tightly to the opposite side.

Serving suggestion:
Serve with the remaining minced garlic, ground peanuts, and lumpia sauce. End.

How to Make Lumpiang Sariwa or Hearth of Palm Spring Roll

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