The Perfect Guide How to Make Inihaw na Pusit or Grilled Squid

The Perfect Guide How to Make Inihaw na Pusit or Grilled Squid

Inihaw na Pusit, or Grilled Squid, is a Filipino culinary delight that elevates the simple squid into a flavorful masterpiece. This dish, popular at beachside gatherings and street food stalls alike, captures the essence of seaside dining with its smoky aroma and tantalizing taste.

The preparation begins with cleaning and marinating the squid, which is then stuffed with a mixture of tomatoes, onions, garlic, and spices. The marinade, often featuring a combination of soy sauce, calamansi juice, and pepper, imparts a savory and zesty flavor that transforms the squid into a succulent delight.

Skewered and grilled to perfection, Inihaw na Pusit features tender squid with a delightful charred exterior. The grilling process enhances the natural sweetness of the squid while infusing it with smoky undertones, creating a harmonious balance of flavors.

Served with a side of vinegar dipping sauce or a squeeze of calamansi, Inihaw na Pusit is a celebration of simplicity and bold tastes. Whether enjoyed as a street food snack or a centerpiece at a family feast, this grilled squid dish embodies the Filipino love for seafood and the art of outdoor grilling.

Inihaw na Pusit or Grilled Squid Recipe by Kulinarya

Ingredients: Serve 4
1kg squid, each about 4 to 5 inches long
½ tsp black pepper, freshly ground
4 tbsp calamansi juice
4 tbsp olive oil

For the stuffing:
  • ¼ cup dice onions
  • 1 cup diced tomatoes
  • 4 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped finely
  • 2 finger chilies, seeded and chopped
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 2 tbsp fish sauce (patis)
  • 3 tbsp calamansi juice
  • ½ tsp black pepper, freshly ground
  • 2 tbsp coarse salt
  • Detach the squid heads from the bodies. Remove the ink sacs and reserve for another use.
  • Discard the break inside the head. Discard as well the stiff membrane from the body. Clean the squid thoroughly under running water and drain. Set aside.
  • Chop the tentacles into small pieces.
  • Dice the onions and tomatoes
  • Finely chop the garlic gingers, and finger chilies.

  • Heat a pan and add the oil
  • Saute the onions, garlic, and ginger. When softened, add the tomatoes and the chilies
  • Add the chopped squid tentacles. Season with fish sauce, calamansi juice, black pepper and salt.
  • When cool enough to handle, divide the stuffing among the squid. Carefully fill each squid with spoonsful of the stuffing, taking care to include the juices from the mixture. Secure the ends with toothpicks that have been soaked in water.
  • Make sure that the grill is very hot. Just when ready to serve, grill squid over high heat, turning once, until just opaque throughout, about 3 to 5 minutes. Serve immediately. End.
    The Perfect Guide How to Make Inihaw na Pusit or Grilled Squid
Serving suggestion:
Serve with a selection of dipping sauces such as soy sauce, vinegar and chilies. End.

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