How to Make Ensaladang Lato or Seaweed Salad

Ensaladang Lato or Seaweed Salad Recipe by Philippine Cuisine
Ingredients: serve 4 to 6
1kg seaweed
200g tomatoes
150g onions

5tbsp olive oil
4 ½ tbsp vinegar
½ tsp salt
½ tsp freshly ground black pepper

Wash seaweed and discard the roots and wilted parts.

Cut tomatoes into wedges.

Slice onions.

Arrange seaweed in a salad bowl and garnish with the tomatoes and onions.

Mix together the oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, and drizzle generously over the salad.

Serve salad in a bowl or on individual plates. End.

Seaweed salad can be topped with crushed pork crackling, chopped cashew nuts, or pan toasted dried baby shrimps. Since the seaweed is naturally salty, use salt sparingly. In the northern provinces, ararosep is eaten with bagoong na isda (fish paste) and calamansi. End.

How to Make Ensaladang Lato or Seaweed Salad

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