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How to Make Pinakbet With Bagnet

Pinakbet With Bagnet Recipe
Ingredients: 6 Serving
1 kilo native eggplants (2 to 3 inches in length)
¼ kilo bitter gourd(native ampalaya, small and round)
¼ kilo sliced tomatoes
2 cups boiled patani
10 peces okra
2 cups kompitis (optional)
1/3 cup spring onions(sliced)
¼ kilo chicharon (bagnet)
½ cup fish paste (bagoong)
¼ cup oil of chicharon

  • Wash and slice all the vegetables.
  • Cook chicharon with small amount of water and fish paste until tender. Reserve the chicharon oil.
  • Put all ingredients in a clay pot or casserole. Cover and cook on medium heat until vegetables are tender but still firm. Season to taste, and serve immediately. End. 
How to Make Pinakbet With Bagnet

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