How to Make Pinais na Kabute or Wrapped Steamed Mushrooms

Pinais na Kabute or Wrapped Steamed Mushrooms Recipe Philippine Cuisine
Ingredients: serve 6 parcels
500g fresh mushrooms in season (fresh shiitake, enoki, straw mushrooms)
1 tbsp 5g salt
1 tsp 5g ground black pepper
3 pcs banana leaves and spine or string for securing the packet
1 ½ cups 360ml water

8 limes or lemon wedges or calamansi halves

Remove stems of the larger mushrooms. Wipe both the mushroom caps and stems with a damp cloth and slice into bite size pieces.

Toss the mushrooms and stems in salt and black pepper.

Cut banana leaves into 6 (21x21 cm | 8x8 inch) pieces. Pass the banana leaves quickly over an open flame.

If using the banana leaf spine, trim first then cut 31cm |12 in long strips. You will need 6 pieces. If using string or twine, do the same.

Place handful of mushrooms in the center of each banana leaf and fold the 4 sides, each side overlapping to close the parcels. Secure each parcel with the banana spine string. The finished parcel should be 10 x10cm 4x4 inch.

Pour water into a pot and heat. Steam the parcels over medium heat for 5 minutes, after which remove them from the pot.

Cook just in time to serve at the table.

For individual serving, cut and remove the spine/ string, but do not open the packet. Arrange each parcel on a plate with lime lemon wedges, or calamansi halves to squeeze over the mushrooms.

Parcels should be opened at the table and the mushrooms eaten hot.
Kind of mushrooms
1. Chanterelle
2. Hydrated jew’s ear or tree ear
3. Fresh shiitake
4. Cloud ears, wood ears, dried black fungus
5. Dried shiitake
6. Oyster mushrooms
7. Kuakding
8. Buttom or champignon

Native mushrooms about after a thunderstorm. This is why some native mushrooms are called kidlat kabute. In other region mushrooms are found on the trunks of trees after the rains. Its flavor, comparable to the Italian porcini. Other mushrooms that can be cooked alone or in n mix are abalone, straw, oyster, shiitake, banana, portabella, and domesticated button mushroom. End.

How to Make Pinais na Kabute or Wrapped Steamed Mushrooms

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