How to Make Homemade Tapa or Dried Cured Beef Recipe

Tapa or Dried Cured Beef Recipe Philippine Cuisine
Ingredients: serve 6
1kg sirloin machine sliced sukiyaki style
6 cloves 30g garlic
1tbsp 15g salt
2tbsp 30ml cooking oil
1tbsp 15g white sugar

Slice the sirloin across the grain into pieces with a thickness of ½ cm ¼ inch

Pound the slice of meat with a metal or wooden mallet. Do this at least 3 times on each side to flatten.

Crush, peel and mince garlic.

Mix together the salt, sugar, and garlic then combine with meat slices.

It is important to dry the meat slices so these cook up crunchy. The traditional way is to dry the pieces under the sun. in this recipe, drying is done in the oven.

Preheat oven to 200C | 400F

Brush a baking tray with the cooking oil. Arrange the meat slices on the tray, making sure not to overcrowd them.

Place tray inside preheated oven. Turn oven off after 15 minutes to dry the meat. At this stage, the meat is ready to be fried for eating or kept in sealed bag in the refrigerator or freezer for future use.

Fry the meat slices in oil. Drain on a rack.

There are two ways to prepare tapa: dry and crisp, or moist.

For dried tapa, besa and dorotan suggest drying the pieces of beef with an electric fan for one hour.

Sirloin is the most flavorful lean meat choice. Top round is a richer option. Bottom round is less tender. Another option is beef belly sliced very thinly and dried slightly. Fatty beef should be fried like, bacon to express the oil.

For high quality meat it is not necessary to pound the slices. For a moist tapa, marinate the meat longer and skip the drying phase.

The meat should be sauteed in a little oil and cooked quickly so as not to overcook it.

More fatty selections for moist tapa include rib eye. Another beef part with even marbling is neck or batok. May other meats, including venison, carabao (water buffalo) meat, and some varieties of pork, can also be made into tapa.

It is best to have a butcher cut the meat sukiyaki style for consistency.

If slicing meat for tapa at home, it helps to partially freeze the meat so it is firm enough to slice thinly and evenly. End.

How to Make Homemade Tapa or Dried Cured Beef Recipe

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