How to Make Mango Jam

Mango Jam Recipe
Ingredients: (appetizers)
You will need:
Ripe Mangoes
White sugar

Follow this proportion
1 cup of sugar for every
2 cups of mangoes

  • Scoop mangoes into small pieces. Mash mangoes if a smoother texture is preferred.
  • Measure the scooped mangoes by cups. Place the measured mangoes in a pot.
  • Add sugar, 1 cup for every 2 cups of mangoes. Mix well with a wooden spoon. Cook the mixture over low heat, stirring occasionally. Jam is cooked one it has a thick constiency or a temperature of 105 degree C or 220 degree F.
  • Spoon the jam into sterilized containers. Let jam cool before covering. End.
How to Make Mango Jam

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