Mocha Truffles Recipe

Ingredients: Makes 50pieces
500 grams semisweet baking chocolate, chopped and grated
Mocha Truffles Recipe
½ cup all purpose cream
1 tablespoon coffee powder
1 tablespoon coffee liqueur
¼ teaspoon fine salt
250grams semisweet baking chocolate, chopped for dipping

  • Line a 9 x 5 x 3 inch loaf pan with a sheet of aluminum foil. Set aside line a cookie sheet with baking paper. Set both aside
  • In a thick saucepan, combine the 500 grams semisweet chocolate, all purpose cream coffee powder, coffee liqueur and salt. Place over low heat and stir continuously with a cooking spatula until the chocolate has melted and blended with the rest of the ingredients. Transfer the mixture to the prepared loaf pan. Chill until firm.
  • Divide the chilled mixture into 50 equal portions. Form each portion into a ball, melt the remaining 250grams chocolate in a thick saucepan over the lowest possible heat. Working with a piece at a time, hand dip each chocolate ball in the melted chocolate transfer to prepared cookie sheet.Chill briefly to allow the chocolate coating to set. Wrap individually in foil and keep chilled.

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