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Pata Tim | Healthy Pork Pata Tim Recipe

 Pata Tim


  1. In a stock pot with enough water, simmer the pork pata with all the ingredients until fork tender.
  2. Add hot water if necessary to replace the evaporated liquid. Drain and cut the meat from one side and separate the bones.
  3. Save 1 cup of broth.
  4. Place pechay in a platter. Put the pata over the pechay. Set aside.
  5. For a super tender meat use charcoal when cooking, slow cooking is the key. Patience is a virtue indeed.

Pata Tim Sauce Ingredients:

Pata Tim Sauce Cooking Procedures: 
  1. In a skillet, combine broth, cornstarch, and salt to taste. Bring to boil until sauce becomes thick.
  2. Pour the sauce on top of the pata.

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