Siling-labuyo o labuyo - Bird's eye chilis | Thai Chili

Siling-labuyo o labuyo - Bird
siling-labuyo o labuyo -  Several Bird's eye chilis on a shrub
Siling-labuyo o labuyo (Ingles: Thai pepper, Bird's Eye Chili, chilli pepper, chili pepper, Cayenne pepper) ay mga uri ng siling maliliit at maanghang.

Siling-labuyo o labuyo - Bird
Several Bird's eye chilis on a shrub
Bird's eye chili or "Thai chili" ( Literal: Rat dropping chili; Indonesian: Cabai rawit; Malay: Cili api or Cili padi; Tagalog: siling labuyo) is a chili pepper of the species Capsicum frutescens L. in the family Solanaceae, commonly found in Southeast Asia. It can also be found in India, in Meghalaya & in Kerela it is used in traditional dishes of the Kerala cuisine (pronounced in Malayalam as kanthari mulagu Malayalam: കാന്താരി മുളക്).

This species (known as (kochchi) in sinhalese) is also found in rural areas of Sri Lanka, where it is used as a substitute for green chillies. It is also a main ingredient in kochchi sambal, a salad made using freshly scraped coconut ground with thai chillies and seasoned with salt and lime juice.

The term Bird's eye chili is also used for the North American Chiltepin pepper, both due to their small round shape and because they're widely spread by birds.

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